Public Financing

At Nolan Sheehan Patten, we regularly advise governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and real estate clients on the implementation and utilization of the full range of public financing resources available for both rental and homeownership projects.

Additionally, our attorneys were instrumental in the design and implementation of the MassDocs loan program that helps to streamline the loan closing process for many of these public loan programs by utilizing a single set of financing documents.

In particular, Nolan Sheehan Patten has extensive experience with the following programs:

  • Affordable Housing Trust Fund

  • Commercial Area Transit Node Housing Program

  • Community-Based Housing Fund Program

  • Community Development Block Grant

  • Capital Improvement and Preservation Fund

  • Facilities Consolidation Fund

  • HOME Investment Partnerships Program

  • Housing Innovations Fund

  • Housing Stabilization Fund

  • MHP Subsidy Program

  • Neighborhood Housing Trust Linkage Program

  • Transit-Oriented Development Infrastructure and Housing Support Program


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